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Web Design

We specialize in modern easy to navigate websites that make a great first impression! Below are three of our favorites.

Bluejay's Barbershop Website Image

Bluejay's Barbershop

Park Avenue Thrift Website Image

Park Avenue Thrift

Pure Lawn Care Website Image

Pure Lawn Care



Great logos and brand consistency can keep your business looking it's best! We can make you the perfect logo and help select appropriate colors and fonts to keep your marketing consistent.


Graphic Design

Billboards, product packaging, t-shirts, ads, posters...there is graphic design everywhere! If you need anything we would love to hear about it!

If you need design work regularly we offer retainers that will give you a lower hourly rate!


Friendly Goods

What happens when you give a designer/maker who has spent years active in his community and working with non-profits a laser? Awesome fully custom awards is what! I have also made unique Christmas ornaments, keychains, desk plates, and so much more. Let's make something awesome!

Fly Film Festival Custom Awards
Main Street Enid Custom Awards
Gaslight Theatre Custom Awards


We are all about building authentic connections. We also love helping our clients build authentic connections with their ideal clients.

Sometimes we do this is through helping develop creative marketing strategies and sometimes it's through digital marketing and email campaigns. If you think we are a good fit we would love to talk!


After nearly a decade of helping businesses and organizations with their design and marketing needs, we know one thing for certain. Every business is unique. This is why our number one mission is to provide bespoke brand authentic design and marketing services to help them resonate with their ideal client.

Beyond the services you would normally expect from a company like ours. We also offer a makers service. We design and produce custom awards, client gifts, brand swag, office signage, and more. Following our core mission, all of these creations are unique to each client and designed to perfectly compliment each brand.

At Friendly we love to create, learn, and problem solve. If you think we are a good fit please don’t hesitate to reach out. We really are pretty friendly!


I'm Riley Jantzen

I started my design journey in high school exclusively because my punk band needed show posters. In the nearly twenty years since, my skills (and taste) have continued to evolve. I spent my 20s and early 30s owning a trendy gift shop along side my wife. This is when I fell in love with community and next level customer service. In 2013 I started taking on design and digital marketing clients on the side and ended up working with dozens of clients in my community (Enid, OK) and beyond. I am now a full time designer and honored to still be working with some of the original clients I picked up at the beginning. Building these connections with clients and community is what Friendly is all about!

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let's do this!

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